Tobias Derer 2018

2018: ALL-In UMC, Building Studio

Build his "Drums and Cymbals Studio", left Cypecore, toured with Megaherz, went all-in with UMC as a full-time Youtuber, released "90s in Metal Album"

Tobias Derer 2017

2017: UMC & Cypecore

Cypecore played the legendary Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze and Rockharz Festival

UMC reached over 17Mio views on youtube.

Tobias Derer 2016

2016: UMC & BTB,

support shows for Korn, The Scorpions, Queensrÿche. UMC hit 100000 Subscriber

Tobias Derer 2015

2015: Beyond the Black, UMC

Beyond The Black got the Metal Hammer Award 2015 for „Best Debut Album“.

UMC got signed by Universal Music.

Tobias Derer 2014

2014: Beyond the Black

In 2014, Tobias joined the band "Beyond the Black" and played at the legendary Wacken Open Air.

Tobias Derer 2013

2013: Ultimate Music Covers

Tobias and his friend Nils Lesser started the YouTube project Ultimate Music Covers.

Tobias Derer 2012

2012: Studying at Popakademie Mannheim

Tobias started to study Pop-Music-Design (Drums) at the Popakademie in Mannheim.

He also joined the Indie-Pop band Oakfield.

Tobias Derer 2011

2011: Joining Cypecore

Since 2011, Tobias has been part of the melodic death metal band Cypecore.

He ranked second at the national Jugend Musiziert 2011 contest.

He ranked first in the category "Drum-Set Pop" at the "Jugend Musiziert 2011 Baden-Würtemberg" contest.

Tobias Derer 2008

2008: Studying Pop music

In 2008, Tobias joined the music high-school in Stuttgart as a pre-student while still going to school.

Tobias Derer 2006

2006: Studying Jazz Music

In this year, Tobias started to study jazz music. He was picked as one of the youngest to that date, to join the big band "Landes Jugend Jazz Orchester", led by Prof. Bernd Konrad.

Additionally he joined the classical orchestra "Landes Jugend Orchester".

By joining the professional "Drum Department" drumming school in Stuttgart, Tobias started to concentrate on Pop/Rock drumming.

Tobias Derer 2004

2004: Studying Classical Music

Tobias started to study classical music (Timapni, Mallets, Percussion) and joined the classical orchestra "Junge Philharmonie Ostwürttemberg" until 2010.

Tobias Derer 1996

1996: The Beginning

At the early age of 6, Tobias' life-long study of the art of music and drumming in particular started.

His mother being an olympic athlete as well as a passionate musician and his dad also being a musician, he grew up with music and the stage.

He played his first gig on his grandma's birthday, getting 20 DM for ice cream. After this amazing success for the little man, several dozen bands and projects were to come.

Tobias Derer 1990

1990: Born

Tobias was born back in 1990 in the town of Mutlangen, Germany.